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Noah’s Arc Foundation | Helping children develop a stronger sense of self.


Noah’s Arc Foundation provides diverse opportunities for kids to become more aware and conscious of their ability to make a positive impact on themselves and their community.


Noah’s Arc programs are focused on two areas: art and sports. Through the expression of art and the discipline of sports, NAF works to develop the confidence and foster the passion that exists within every child. The goal of the NAF programs and workshops is to help children tap into their unique passions and achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives. Additionally, our Drop of Consciousness™ movement is infused throughout each program, working to promote peace, unity and positive change.  

Why We Do It

Every child has a unique passion, one that drives, excites and empowers them. Joakim has it – and his mother saw it. Now, together, they want to help children tap into those gifts by 

encouraging them to discover their true selves through the powerful combination of art and sports.


Noah’s Arc Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation helps support our mission of helping children develop a stronger sense of self


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with The Noah’s Arc Foundation. In order to achieve our mission we rely on people like you to donate their time, effort, skills, and funds. Please contact us using the form below and someone will be in touch within 72 hours.


The Drop of Consciousness™ pendant was designed by sculptor Cecilia Rodhe. The pendant is a metal teardrop whose scarred surface recognizes the pain of losing someone to violence, while the precious metal and solid feel of the drop symbolize strength and commitment to positive change.

Joakim Noah and Cecilia Rodhe are asking you to help spread the message of positivity and non-violence by wearing a Drop of Consciousness™ and taking a pledge.

When you Rock Your Drop, you pledge to help end violence, take responsibility for positive change and commit to spreading this message.

Proceeds from the sale of The Drop of Consciousness™ pendant support NAF's art and sports programming, which promotes violence prevention and youth empowerment.

Joakim Noah

Joakim Noah was born in New York City on February 25, 1985. A third-generation athlete, the fiery center of the Chicago Bulls has become renown for his unstoppable passion, tireless energy and relentless work ethic – both on and off the court.

After experiencing success at both the high school and collegiate levels – including two consecutive National Championships with the Florida Gators – Joakim was selected as the ninth overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft by the six-time NBA Champion Chicago Bulls. He currently plays a key role as "the man in the middle” night after night at the United Center, and has propelled the Bulls to seven consecutive playoff appearances. Joakim is a two-time All Star, and was named the Kia NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2014. 

For Joakim, giving back to the community is a priority and is something he has been committed to since early in his career. He is passionate about the well-being, emotional development and physical safety of children, so he founded Noah’s Arc Foundation in 2010 with his mother, Cecilia Rodhe.

Joakim is incredibly active within the foundation, developing strong relationships with the children, teens and young adults who participate in the art and sports programs. He also is a huge advocate for peace in Chicago, and works diligently to facilitate programs and events that encourage young people to reduce violence in their communities. In recognition of his community efforts, Joakim was named the winner of the February 2015 NBA Cares Community Assist Award and was selected as the recipient of the 2015 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award.

Cecilia Rodhe

Cecilia Rodhe is an artist and certified expressive art therapist who has spent more than two decades sculpting, She has had exhibitions at many prestigious galleries in New York, Paris, Stockholm and Geneva. All of her sculptures express the dichotomy of strength and fragility that is at the very center of what it is to be human.

Cecilia’s professional career began as model at the age of fourteen. After winning the title of Miss Sweden in 1978, she moved to New York for the first time and signed a contract with the Elite Agency. At age of 45, she went back to school to further her education as an expressive art therapist, receiving her certificate in the creative art therapy program at the New School for Social Research.

In 2010, Cecilia co-founded NAF alongside her son, Joakim. She personally created the “Expression from the Inside for Kids®” art program, which allows children to express how they feel by creating sculptures from clay. Cecilia believes that when young people are presented with a range of emotions, and then shown how to apply those concepts to their clay, they learn how to sculpt not only what they see – but also what they feel.

Under Cecilia’s direction and guidance, NAF launched the Drop of Consciousness™ movement to promote peace, unity and positive change in Chicago. The symbol of the movement is the Drop of Consciousness™ pendant, based on a sculpture of the same name created by Cecilia nearly two decades ago. The Drop of Consciousness™ represents the tears and strength of the mothers who have lost children to gun violence, and those who wear it pledge to take a stand against violence.

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$ 10000 GOAL





Help Us Fund Raise

Help support Noah’s Arc Foundation by creating a fundraiser and spreading the word.

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