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Why GiftCards4Change?

  • 1
    GiftCards4Change is focused on crowd funding for local communities, not for profits, schools, and other humanitarian initiatives within the United States.
  • 2
    Starting a challenge on GiftCards4Change is FREE.
  • 3
    There is not a penalty if you do not raise the total goal amount. The funds you raised for your charity challenge will be distributed, less any conversion expenses and/or fees.
  • 4
    It only takes a few short minutes to create a challenge, and individuals can immediately donate small balance or unused gift cards immediately.
  • 5
    Include images, videos, and rewards to encourage your followers to give to the challenge.
  • 6
    The GiftCards4Change design team will manage the look and feel of the challenge web site.
  • 7
    GiftCards4Change will use its charitable platform and social media outlets to help effectively market your challenge. We believe that a national voice for local community needs is the right answer in making your community challenge as successful as possible.
  • 8
    You can offer supporters several modes to contribute to your challenge such as Paypal, cash, cheque, online transactions, and gift cards.
  • 9
    All donations by supporters are tax deductible.

The Benefits of building a local charitable community model based on needs, and why we believe donating remaining balance gift cards is the best way to impact the needs of local communities.

  • Our local community needs based model of charitable giving provides quick access to funds that are greatly needed.
  • With your help, we are able to build a national voice for change and amplify the needs of every local community across the United States.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to create a charitable challenge in your community, and less than 1 minute to donate.
  • Our service is completely free, and we make every effort to use every dollar donated to impact change in local communities in the USA. We fund most of our expenses through advertising, so don’t be afraid to check on our advertisers links… it helps to keep the lights on.

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